Confirm Your Payment


If you have already discussed and organised an appointment or service with me today and just want to let me know you have paid for it, use this form. Your funds and the form must arrive well before 9pm GMT the day the appointment is offered (or another time specified to you) to secure it. You can also email me direct when including the content asked for in the web form, or for any brief enquiries about my services. If your payment arrives later than 9pm GMT on the day the appointment is offered, or the time specified to you, you may be offered an alternative appointment day or time.**

Thank you for your confirmation

  • I can normally respond to your messages within a few hours. If you receive no response within 24 hours please email me directly.


*International patients who use payment methods that take several days for money to arrive from abroad can solve this problem by using instant payment services such as Paypal (ask for details), or by buying a 10+1 or 6Plus Therapy Card, or simply by sending pre-payments a few days prior to asking for an appointment.


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