Click on the images below to view relevant Skype-icon.png SKYPE fees for Individuals, Couples, Groups, Families, Therapy Cards, Supplementary Support, Out-of-Hours appointments and Written Work.  Most services are available either face-to-face at my practice in Glasgow or via Skype-icon.png SKYPE (Video, Audio and Chat), by telephone or email. 

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5 stars

“This is the highest quality psychotherapy you can come across in my opinion. My sessions with Stephen have given me so much clarity and courage in my life, to be who I truly am, and live my life as an empowered individual. His human and authentic approach to psychotherapy made it a profound experience, I would say the most authentic conversations I have ever had. Deeply refreshing and enlightening. Together we got to the root causes of my issues and I learned how to meet my needs and develop an indestructible and sustainable connection to my unique essence.” ~ Review by Rohan (In-person Therapy)





One-to-one SKYPE sessions




Any two people who want to work together via SKYPE



Groups and Families

Any group of friends, family or work colleagues who want to work together via SKYPE


Therapy Card 10 OFF 12

SKYPE Therapy Cards

Commitment-related fee reductions accessible after Assessment for individuals, couples and groups doing work via SKYPE



Out-of-Hours and Resources Access

Out-of-Hours and Short Notice Sessions,  Access to Resources



Written Work

Written assessment or discharge summary, relevant history, summary analysis of difficulties, and treatment recommendations; letters of support etc


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