SKYPE Fees for Individuals



  • 60 minute sessions
    • Introductory Meeting £70
    • In-person Therapy £70 prepaid
    • Online Therapy via Skype-icon.png SKYPE £70 prepaid
    • Fees can be reduced with a Therapy Card
    • Full access to extensive psycho-educational resources (over 260 articles and audio recordings) with weekly attendance
  • Other:
    • Out-of-Hours sessions (see relevant Fees page)
    • Meditation tuition (50 minutes) various forms £60 prepaid
    • 3rd party invoicing (EAP, corporate etc): £80 per session**
    • Personal Development, Life Coaching and Psycho-education Sessions (60 minutes) £70/ Skype-icon.png SKYPE £70 prepaid

**Fee includes full psychosocial assessment, brief written summary of assessment, recommendations, invoicing, estimated costing and brief discharge summary when planned as 12 sessions or more.