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Most adults, children, unborn babies, animals, insects and plants are currently being irradiated by avoidable, unneccessary wireless microwave radio frequencies emitted by wifi, cellphones and smartmeters.  These are known to permanently damage DNA, cause insomnia, chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, aggression, eye damage, miscarriage and cancers.


~Use #Stop5G on Twitter and join forces with other campaigns and petitions aimed at ending microwave technologies

It is absolutely crucial that citizens take direct action against 5G technology, including the deployment of tens of thousands of 5G satellites that are scheduled to beam microwaves upon every inch of the Earth.  Signing petitions, writing your political representatives in local and national government and beyond, and encouraging others to do so could provide a significant enough challenge to the corporations profiting from this misery.  Please take action today and share the information on these pages: it takes literally minutes and could be the difference between your conscientious objection or passive acceptance.

In Part 3 you’ll find some basic ways to help limit yours and your family’s exposure to microwaves.

Sign the Petitions

NOTE: UK Govt petition site is temporarily closed

Please Sign the PETITION: Stop 5G and other microwave telecoms technology until it is proven safe for all life-forms

Take Action

You can write to your political representatives (UK: Local Councillors, MPs, MSPs, MEPs, Lords etc) in a couple of minutes using the link and letter template below:


Dear [Local Councillor/ Member of Parliament/ Politician]
Re: Serious Public Health Dangers of Smart Meters, 5G and other Microwave Radiation Sources

I am writing to express my grave concern at the continued roll-out of the above technologies in light of the absence of public safety testing. On the contrary, there exist some 20 000 research studies on the health effects of microwave radio frequencies to humans and animals, with much conclusive data proving that these technologies cause serious levels of damage to all life forms.  Suffice it to say that wireless microwave telecommunications companies are the modern day equivalent of the tobacco industry, promoting the idea of safety by claiming absence of evidence of harm when this is not true.

The often-quoted ICNIRP regulations, for example, emphasise the thermal effects of limited exposure to wireless microwave radiation and are regularly cited by politicians and others as a defence against criticism of 5G and other harmful EMF radiation. They de-emphasise the long-term biological effects of continued exposure to multiple sources as is the case in the real world: wifi, cellphones, cellphone towers, TETRA masts, smartmeters, wireless alarm systems – the list goes on. This Ofcom document, for example, describes the role of microwave phone signals in causing immune dysfunction illnesses and global bee colony collapse (https://www.ofcom.org.uk/__data/assets/pdf_file/0021/58035/andrew_goldsworthy.pdf) and yet we commonly find mobile phone masts and wifi technology in or adjacent to our homes, schools and workplaces.

I would respectfully encourage you to watch one of many documentaries that summarise some of the expert opinion and research conducted by, for example, Physicist and Royal Navy Microwave Weapons Expert, Barrie Trower, one of many experts in the field who state that even existing low-power wifi frequencies “are microwave weapons frequencies” and cause serious health problems in the population, including causing cancers, permanent DNA damage, miscarriages and still births. He is one of many thousands of concerned scientists, doctors and researchers in the field exposing the same public and environmental health risks and citing thousands of research papers.

The film of Mr Trower can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ol3tAxnNccY and is one of many pieces of evidence highlighting the catastrophic dangers of Smart Meters, 5G technology and other similar pulsed microwave technologies in operation today, including wifi. Additional interviews, research papers and useful links on the matter can be found here: https://therapyglasgow.com/2018/07/10/microwave/

I would ask that you raise these concerns with [INSERT the local Council, UK and Scottish Governments] and demand an immediate halt to the use of Smart meters and 5G technology until thorough independent testing and research is done to ensure the safety of this equipment. However, it is clear once one has even a rudimentary understanding of the issue that there can never be any safe use of this technology for public use and that alternative, hard-wired and fibre-optic means of conveyance will likely be necessary.

I look forward to hearing from you on any action you are prepared to take to ensure the safety of the public regarding this issue.
Yours sincerely,

US National 5G Resolution Open Letter HERE

  • Help form a global network by following other concerned citizens on Twitter, Instagram etc
  • Independent parliamentary candidates standing on a agenda:

Some Results Achieved by Concerned Citizens

Above video: Erin Brokowich law firm joins lawsuit against FCC and Telcom Act

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