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Electrosensitive people aren’t ‘allergic’ to wireless radiation, they simply feel the damage being done to their bodies that other people are undergoing but don’t yet feel.  All biological life can be damaged by pulsed microwave radiation whether the damage is felt or not.

~Use #Stop5G on Twitter and join forces with other campaigns and petitions aimed at ending microwave technologies

This is a resource page of information on the basic steps you can begin to take to limit yours and your family’s exposure to DNA-damaging, cancer-causing microwave radiation and other EMF sources.  Please share these resources and add to them if you have relevant information not listed here.

PETITION: Stop 5G and other microwave telecoms technology until it is proven safe for all life-forms

Simple steps to reducing your exposure to microwave radiation and other harmful EMF:

It is virtually impossible to completely protect yourself and your family from existing microwaves emitted by cellphone towers and other infrastructure sources.  The latest 5G: fifth generation mobile phone frequencies at high density and saturation will make this situation even worse.

Some people on the internet are circulating the idea that nutrition and good diet will ‘protect’ us from the damaging effects of microwave radiation. In my opinion this is an irresponsible position to take as it sends out a message that many will interpret as meaning ‘green smoothies, multivitamins and eating well can be effective shielding’.  Good nutrition and a healthy immune system are essential and valuable assets for maintaining general health, but they do not stop microwave damage being done to our bodies, to animals, insects, trees and the environment.  If this were the case, then most of us might have little to worry about.

The intensity and density of microwave radiation pollution from wifi, smart meters and all of the other microwave and millimeter wave sources of radio frequencies, create such a saturation of toxins and a high stress burden on our bodies that good nutrition cannot guard against.  Caution should thus be exercised in promoting the idea that a good diet, food supplements or crystals and other devices can magically protect us.  Even if they could, everything else remains unprotected: the environment, wildlife, pets, ill people, those with compromised immune systems and people who simply cannot afford ‘good nutrition’ for example.

Ethernet cables are usually supplied with wifi routers. They are cheap to buy. Switching wireless off on both router and device and using a cable significantly reduces your exposure to microwave radiation. Ask your neighbours to do the same because their wifi signals can affect your health too.

Electrosensitive people also aren’t, despite the inference, ‘allergic’ to wireless radiation, they simply feel the same damage being done to their bodies that other people don’t feel in theirs.  Just because you don’t feel the effects, doesn’t mean you aren’t being damaged.  All biological life is being damaged by invisible microwave radiation whether the damage is felt by the individual or not.  This is why it is imperative to campaign: sign petitions, write politicians, take action, spread the word.  To do nothing is a collusion with corporations who are profiting from this ruin of us all.

thernet usb
An ethernet to USB adapter allows you to plug your ethernet cable into your USB socket on your device.  These come in various USB sizes.

Here are some steps you can take today to begin to limit your exposure:

  • Share the information on this and other resource pages with your neighbours (their Smart meters, wifi and devices are affecting your body’s cells as you read this)
  • Form new habits and use wireless devicess less often e.g. use mobile phones very occasionally or only for emergencies
  • Turn off wireless wifi on your router and use an ethernet cable
  • Disable the wireless facility on your laptop or tablet
  • Keep wireless devices well away from your body
  • Put mobile phones on Airplane mode and Wifi off when in a moving vehicle
  • Use your mobile phone on speakerphone well away from your head.  Switch it off when not in use.
  • Protect children from mobile phone and wifi exposure
  • Use a grounding/ earthing pad or lead
  • Keep electrical transformers well away from your body
  • Limit time spent in cities, wifi cafes, public transport and other areas with high microwave density
  • If you insist on using wifi, at least turn your router off at night
  • Refuse to have a Smartmeter installed in or near your home.  Encourage your neighbours to refuse.
  • Refuse to purchase 5G and so-called ‘smart’ devices or devices associated with ‘the internet of things’ e.g. fridges that have wireless tech built in to connect to the ‘smart grid’
  • If you use cordless DECT phones switch to a landline phone with a cable instead
  • If you live in a flat consider more extensive protection e.g. carbon paint, EMF shielding, EMF reducing fabrics etc
  • Don’t live near telecom towers, electrical power lies or substations
  • Look into grounding/ earthing mats, fabrics and carbon paints that can be used to help shield your home from EMF
  • Keep device transformers, dimmer plugs and electric cabling away from your body
  • Look into protocols for using high dosage Vitamin C to help combat oxidative stress caused by EMF and microwave radiation
  • Reduce your exposure to blue LED light (harmful to retinal cells and Circadian rhythm):
    • Avoid using daylight LED bulbs
    • Use warm white or tungsten filament bulbs
    • Use yellow lens glasses e.g. driving at night, using devices, under LED street lighting
    • Use night light device filters to warm your device screen colour
  • Chidren are more vulnerable to microwaves.  Ensure they aren’t being exposed to wifi, mobile phones and phone masts in school.
  • Take action to protest against 5G, LED street lighting and other harmful technologies.  There will be no way to protect ourselves from 5G satellites once they are deployed.
  • Boycott and inform those corporations of your objections to their using 5G satellites and technologies e.g., Elon Musk, Vodaphone, EE etc
  • Help raise awareness by engaging others in conversation about this important public health concern
  • Help form a global network by following other concerned citizens on Twitter, Instagram etc using hashtags such as #5G, #wifi and #Stop5G
  • Read the Environmental Health Trust’s Advice to minimise your exposure
  • Use Indoor Plants That Absorb Radiation

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