The Dangers of Wireless Microwave Radiation

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The Dangers of Wireless Microwave Radiation

Devices that are wireless use radio waves that pass invisibly through the air, buildings and our bones and organs, and are known and proven in thousands of research studies to create cumulative, irreversible damage to all cells in the body.  These devices and technologies, now in the public domain for over 20 years, include mobile phones, wifi (internet connection via microwaves emitted by wireless broadband routers), so-called ‘Smart’ technology like home smart meters, smart TVs and smart watches, cordless DECT home phones, baby monitors, wireless alarm systems, and other pulsed microwave radiation devices commonly found in the home, retail and recreation locations, public spaces and workplaces, effectively meaning that most of us are being continually exposed to microwaves twenty-four hours every day.

The newest wavelengths being used for mobile phone signals are millimeter wavelengths referred to as Fifth Generation or 5G*.  Scientific evidence of the dangers of microwaves, even at low power levels, to human life and all life forms including animals, insects, trees and plants has existed since the 1950s and 60s when these wavelengths were being used as weapons of war (see Barrie Trower interviews on this page).  The same frequencies used in warfare today are being used mobile phones and other devices that have internet connections.  Microwave emitting devices and cellphone towers emit radiation that causes cancers and has already been given a classification as a possible carcinogen by the World Health Organisation.

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