ICNIRP Regulations Do Not Protect the Public

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ICNIRP Regulations Do Not Protect the Public

Regulations are supposed to protect us from harmful technologies used by the telecommunications industry.  But they don’t.  The often-quoted ICNIRP regulations are based on standards set over twenty years ago based on the thermal effects of microwaves on the body (how much your body’s tissues heat up when using a mobile phone against your head, for example).  These regulations do not address the the more concerning biological effects of microwave radiation that irradiates our bodies twenty-four hours a day from wifi and nearby mobile phone towers.

However, ICNIRP limits and the industry narrative of ‘no evidence’ are regularly cited by politicians and those with vested interests in the industry who simply reiterate these false standards as a stock defence against criticism of 5G and other harmful microwave radiation.  The ICNIRP effectively protects telecommunications industry profits (and is populated by those who have financial ties to the industry) not the health of the general public.  This continual defence by reference to the ICNIRP is what has maintained a culture of blind acceptance of technologies that are – by independent scientific opinion – currently causing serious harm to the global population and all lifeforms within the biosphere.

Microwaves – including those at low power such as wifi – are reported to harm or kill trees, insects (including the bee population), birds and other wildlife, and cause permanent DNA damage and cancers in humans.  Video interviews and presentations on this page give expert testimony to this effect, as do the numerous research findings; links to which you will also find on this page.

Please Sign the PETITION: Stop 5G and other microwave telecoms technology until it is proven safe for all life-forms

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