5G: Fifth Generation wireless phone frequencies


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5G: Fifth Generation pulsed wireless millimeter wave mobile phone frequencies

“Wifi frequencies are known weapons frequencies. 5G is going to make this much, much worse.”

~ Barrie Trower, Physicist and Microwave Weapons Expert

  • Above video: Professor Olle Johansson has studied EMF for over 40 years.  He warns of the dangers of untested 5G: fifth generation microwave frequencies

Sold to the public as promising super-fast download speeds, 5G is the latest mobile phone wireless radio frequencies technology using milimeter wavelengths fitted to all LED street lights, with thousands of satellites soon to be beaming intense 5G microwave radiation over every inch of the planet, making it impossible to shield ourselves from its damaging effects.  5G isn’t just an ‘upgrade’ to 4G.  It’s frequencies and the high density of the microwave and millimeter wave fields promise to cause irrepairable damage to all living things on the planet.  Of greatest concern, 5G has not been safety tested for use in public spaces, peoples’ homes, workplaces and schools and is allegedly ‘uninsurable’ as a result.  As if this were not bad enough, city councils around the country (and planet) are busy chopping down city trees to make way for 5G due to the fact that trees disrupt 5G signals!  Whilst the planet is undergoing an environmental crisis those who are buying into and profiting from 5G are ruining our world at an even faster rate whilst daring to spread propaganda claiming that 5G is green technology.

Amazon.com has plans for 3,236 satellites and intends to begin service as soon as 578 are in orbit. SpaceX, based in the United States, has plans for 42,000 satellites, has already launched 120, intends to launch 60 at a time twice a month during 2020.  With tens of thousands of 5G satellites saturating the planet with microwaves, there will literally be nowhere to hide for humans and wildlife alike.


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