LED Streetlights and LED Domestic lights

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LED Streetlights and LED Domestic lights

Both LED Streetlights and domestic lighting that emit a colour temperature close to daylight are known to disturb the Circadian rhythm (the hormone-driven sleep cycle) of humans and wildlife.  Devices such as laptops, tablets and phones also use daylight temperature blue light that has the same effect.  This results in disturbed sleep and insomnia, which then has serious secondary health implications. The use of glasses with yellow filters can block these blue light wavelengths from entering the eyes.  Some devices also have a ‘night light’ setting to change the colour temperature of their screens in order to reduce the blue light content.

LED streetlighting also uses focussed LED light that damages the retinal cells in the eye.  These streetlights are also now being fitted with microwave antennae used for the deployment of 5G: fifth generation pulsed millimeter microwave telecommunications frequencies known to damage all biological life.  Each new LED streetlight contains a powerful 5G transmitter that sends pulsed microwaves into the environment, including our homes whilst we sleep, our cars as we drive, and our bodies and pets whilst we walk.  With 5G microwaves there will literally be nowhere to escape their impact upon us.

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