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“If you take responsibility for what you are doing to yourself, how you produce your symptoms, how you produce your illness, how you produce your existence – the very moment you get in touch with yourself – growth begins, integration begins.”

Frederick Salomon Perls

12 week Personal Development Modules

I offer a series of twelve week personal development modules focussing on existential themes to help improve the quality of your life through awareness development, psycho-education, Socratic learning, and focussed therapeutic work where appropriate.  Fees are listed below.

The following are some modules I offer (continually revised and updated):

  • Life Inventory: taking stock, assessing, clarifying and reappraising your life to live in greater alignment with your values, beliefs, needs and what really matters to you
  • Self-reliance: living more responsibly, with greater autonomy, detoxifying your life and using your creative freedom to improve your quality of life
  • Stronger Relationships and Boundaries: build stronger, healthier, and more honest relationships, with deeper connections and understanding, whilst better protecting yourself from false and toxic behaviours in others
  • Personal Authenticity: building self-esteem and self-confidence in our relationships and everyday life by developing personal authenticity
  • Life Beyond the Rat Race: identifying and working in alignment with your values, whilst developing personal authenticity in your business and professional life (more details here)
  • Creating Space: developing a spiritual practice to be more grounded, centred, mood-stable, appreciative, grateful and focussed
  • Waking Up to What Matters: Develop your awareness, creativity and emotional intelligence to live a life you can call your own
  • Self-support, Security and Stability: for people who might be having a hard time creating or establishing stability in their lives in terms of mood, self-care, anxiety, security, and time-management.  Central to the module is the development of a detailed self-support plan and daily methods for establishing calm and greater emotional security.

After an introductory meeting and brief assessment¹, modules consist of 3 months of one-to-one support and mentoring including:

  • Personalised modules tailored to your needs
  • Experiential learning
  • Journal work
  • Meditation tuition
  • Guided awareness development
  • Therapeutic and guided tasks
  • Literature and film study
  • 60 minute one-to-one sessions in person or via Skype
  • 12 sessions in total plus 120 support minutes free (60 by email and 60 by Skype-icon.png SKYPE), for use between sessions

I welcome enquiries, expressions of interest and suggestions for additional modules or materials that might interest you.  Please indicate in the comments box or email me.

¹Introductory meeting and assessment can be done separately (see fees) prior to purchasing the module, or included in the module price and done as the first two weeks of the module.



Fees for 12 Week Personal Development Modules

  • 12 week* modules £695
  • Introductory meeting and assessment included or separate
  • 60 minute one-to-one sessions in person or via Skype-icon.png SKYPE
  • 60 extra email support minutes FREE, for use between sessions
  • supportive materials sent between sessions by email
  • full access to online resources

*Weekly attendance required within a 12 week expiration date.

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